One Child’s Dream

December 1, 2021

Donors like you help support Tyvon and other youth realize their potential.

These days, 15-year-old Tyvon uses his myoelectirc hand for woodworking class and his recreational device helps him pursue his passions of shooting hoops and ripping pucks. 

Since he was just four-years-old, the Rehabilitation Centre for Children has dedicated rehabilitation experts have worked with him, developing prosthetic attachments so he can play all the sports he loves. 

Your generosity will help Tyvon fulfill his dreams. Give Today!

Thank you for supporting A Night of Miracles

November 9, 2021

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Night of Miracles a success! By supporting the Night of Miracles and the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation you are making days bright and giving children the opportunity to shine. 

Thanks to donor generosity, the Night of Miracles raised nearly $120,000 this year!

View photographs of the Night of Miracles at:

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Update

November 8, 2021

Thank you to the incredible team at Tim Hortons and the city of Winnipeg for raising a record breaking $203,360 through this year’s Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign! 

Your Support Created a Summer full of Memories

September 8, 2021

Your generosity enabled first-time experiences and the personal growth that comes with them. Thanks you, the Rehabilitation Centre for Children’s was able to offer Summer Camp this year. Camp encourages youth to step outside their comfort zone and to try new things.

When the opportunity came up to fish on the bank of the Red River in Selkirk, eight amateur anglers jumped on it. Seventeen-year-old Zach is one of the youth who benefit tremendously.

“Summer Camp is a life saver,” says Zach’s mom, Karen. “Zach has been going for several years and he looks forward to it all year long.”

Finding recreation opportunities can be challenging for parents of children with disabilities. Summer Camp helps fills that void.

“We caught a plastic bag and a stick, but no fish,” laughs Hailey Perchotte, Recreation Therapist at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. “Everyone was still so excited.”

Every participant is paired one-on-one with a recreation support worker, or as they’re called at camp, buddies. Carol Kehler, a physiotherapist with the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, says this model allows campers to build authentic relationships, creating confidence and trust.

“We meet everybody where they’re at. Everybody’s participation is at their own level,” she says. “We talk a lot about edge and comfort zone, which means we acknowledge the edge of their comfort zone and we work on how can we provide an opportunity that challenges them a little bit, but not too much. It goes beyond the kids, too. Summer Camp enriches the lives of the entire family.”

Eighty-six youth attended camp over six weeks this summer. With your continued support, more campers will make memories for years to come.

“Zach marks it in his calendar and it gives him something to look forward to,” Karen says.
“When he arrives, everyone welcomes him with ‘Hey! Zach’s here!’ and it truly feels like he’s part of a group.”

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week

GET A SMILE. GIVE A SMILE! September 13-19. 

Every dollar raised from Smile Cookie sales at Winnipeg Tim Hortons supports Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation and St.Amant Foundation. When you purchase a Smile Cookie for just $1, you are helping provide life-changing programs, services and equipment to Manitobans living with disabilities.

Share some smiles with friends, co-workers, clients or family! With a minimum order of two dozen, the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation will deliver Smile Cookies anywhere within Winnipeg from September 13-17. Order must be made by the dozen and be placed by September 15.
Pre-order your cookies online or email [email protected]