Specialized Equipment Technology

Donor support is vital to funding hundreds of requests each year for a vast range of equipment including eye gaze, iPads, quality of life items, customized bikes and sport wheelchairs.

Child smiling, holding iPad

Donor funding is integral to the Foundation meeting the essential needs of children and youth living with disabilities who require specialized equipment. Annually, about $400,000 is invested into this fundamental area. From lightweight wheelchairs and specialized strollers to customized bikes and communication devices, donations support the purchase of a wide range of equipment for children and families not funded by any other source. Each piece of equipment is customized to a child’s specific needs and items range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the need.

Quality of Life

Therapists submit ongoing requests for specialized equipment which enhances the quality of life of their clients. The scope of the applications is vast, including custom change tables, cruisers, chill out chairs and sport wheelchairs. As no other funding is available, these items require dedicated donor support to fulfill the needs.

Mobility & Recreational Equipment

Children and youth living with disabilities often require customized and adapted bikes as well as other mobility equipment. The physical, therapeutic and social benefits of these bikes are tremendous. They assist with enhanced coordination, regulation, strength and cardio. Additionally, they allow children to be active participants in their families, communities and schools. Donors to the Foundation’s bike program truly change lives through their generosity. 

Communication Devices

For non-verbal children and youth, communication skills are critical to enhancing their ability to engage with the people in their lives. The Foundation receives dozens of requests annually for customized communication devices, specifically iPads with supportive apps and leading-edge eye gaze technology. Donor support is needed to provide children with this essential equipment as well as to help fund RCC’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication Program. This program helps families of children whose speaking abilities are impaired, preventing the natural development of verbal and non-verbal communication.

SmartHome Technology

Children as young as four-years-old can benefit from smart home technology. This primarily includes children with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, limb difference, muscular dystrophy and other conditions that affect movement and strength. Introducing this technology early helps demonstrate to children they can be independent. By instilling confidence, reliance on caregivers is reduced and quality of life is enhanced. Donor contributions are invested into acquiring a variety of SmartHome technology options including automatic door openers, switches, lights and voice activated devices.