Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinical Research

Donations are dedicated to funding hands-on clinical research focused on enhancing care and evaluating barriers which restrict inclusion of children with disabilities.

therapist engaging with a baby on a play mat in room

Donor support is integral to the Rehabilitation Centre for Children’s Research Team being able to collaborate with local, national and international researchers. Research is critical to advancing the clinical experience, treatments and adapted equipment and technology that help improve the lives of children and youth. The Foundation invests close to $100,000 in research annually and based on current requirements, is seeking to increase its level of support. Health care providers and researchers both internal and external to RCC/SSCY Centre conduct this leading-edge research. The Research Department is staffed by a Research Director, Associate and Assistant, all funded by donor gifts.

Visit the Rehabilitation Centre for Children’s website to learn more about the incredible research being advanced by the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.