Clinical Programs & Services

Donations help advance the delivery of essential programs and services including prosthetics and orthotics, assistive technology, bike clinic and Smart Suite technology.

person working on assistive equipment

Assistive Technology Services

On-time Mobility

On-Time Mobility, a wholly donor funded program, provides young children with the ability to move independently using modified powered vehicles, manual equipment and adaptive switches. Utilizing a fleet of equipment including Wizzybugs, Bugzi and Permobile Explorer Minis, RCC therapists and engineers teach driving skills as a precursor to using manual or electric wheelchairs. Providing children with the opportunity to use a mobility device at an early age increases their likelihood of becoming independent mobilizers as they get older.


Bike Clinic

Ongoing donor support enables hundreds of bikes to be designed and modified inside the Rehabilitation Centre for Children’s W.A. Laddie Hutchison Bike Clinic each year. A multidisciplinary team of engineers, occupational therapists and clinical technologists uses the newest technologies to design and modify equipment to give children living with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy this childhood rite of passage, bike riding.


Prosthetics and Orthotics

Donor generosity enables the Foundation to invest in Prosthetics and Orthotics to help make children and youths’ rehabilitation experiences as positive as possible. Gifts are dedicated to purchasing leading-edge equipment used by RCC’s P&O department, specialized training for team members, custom orthotic footwear and innovative prosthetic devices.


Smart Suite

An exceptionally generous Major Capital grant from the Winnipeg Foundation has enabled CRF and RCC to advance a dream initiative, development of a new Smart Suite. Located within the SSCY Centre, the suite is currently under construction. Stay tuned for more information about this project and the impact it will have on youths’ quality of life.


Relate Programming (RDI)

The Relate Program provides education and consultation to caregivers and professionals supporting Autistic children and those with neurodevelopmental difficulties who are experiencing challenges related to social communication development, relationships and behaviour. The Relate Program is administered by a Speech-Language Pathologist who is specially trained. Donations support monthly subscriptions for families accessing Relate program resources.