25 Bikes

May 16, 2022

With the arrival of spring, the waitlist for specialized bikes for children and youth with disabilities is growing daily. Community support is needed now to fund 25 Bikes that will positively change lives.

Riding a bike is often thought of as a childhood rite of passage. Specialized bikes allow children with physical or developmental disabilities a chance to participate, like anyone else, in an active lifestyle. For youth with disabilities, an adapted bike enables them to join in biking adventures and feel the breeze blowing in their face as they ride, perhaps for the very first time. Bikes also provide immense physical and therapeutic benefit, improving strength and coordination.

The specialized bikes are very costly, between $1500 to $6500 each. More than $100,000 in funding is required to fulfill all the bike requests the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation has received so far this year. The impact of these bikes for their recipients is tremendous.

“Seeing a youth ride a bike for the first time is incredibly heartwarming,” said Jane Kidd-Hantscher, Executive Director of Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. “Donations toward 25 Bikes will provide the gift of independence, freedom and adventure for years to come.”

Visit 25bikes.com to donate today