Meet Tyvon

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As I’m sure you can appreciate, a parent’s greatest wish is for their child to realize their potential. Paul and Sara want this desperately for their 15-year-old son Tyvon. And thanks to unwavering and incredible donor support, he is achieving his dreams.

When Sara was just 18-weeks pregnant with Tyvon, they learned his arm wasn’t fully developed. They were told it was due to amniotic banding, which is when fibre-like bands tangle around the developing fetus. The bands restrict blood flow and if they tangle very tightly, the limb can be amputated. Knowing this in advance of his birth might have taken away the shock for Paul and Sara, but it didn’t minimize the emotions they felt.

Thanks to thoughtful investment in the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, Tyvon has received the very best care for over a decade. Sara and Paul recall their early visits were scary and they didn’t know what to expect. Over the years, the Centre has become a place of great comfort to their family. Donor generosity has helped build this nurturing environment and they are so grateful.

“We want people to know how much the Centre has helped Tyvon, his goals and dreams becoming a reality. Donor support has made a huge difference in his life.”

These loving parents choke up when they reflect on their teenage son’s tenacity. Their pride in his “never quit” attitude is so evident. They have guided and encouraged him, reminding him there is always a way, albeit maybe different than for most people.

And if you were to meet Tyvon, you would quickly realize how special he is and how many interests he has. He’s a sports enthusiast. You name it, he’s played it. Basketball, kayaking and hockey are his passions. His ability to play each sport made possible because of his positivity and the Centre’s talented team being by his side. A team which is a leader in its field because donors have supported them.

Since he was just four-years-old, these dedicated rehabilitation experts have worked with Tyvon. They have listened to what he wants to accomplish. They have developed prosthetic attachments so he can play all the sports he loves. And they have and continue to provide training and support so Tyvon can accomplish whatever he sets out to achieve.

For Tyvon, a grade 10 student at Maples Collegiate, that’s a pretty special feeling. Watching him interact with his therapists is inspiring. Their relationships are so natural and they are working as a cohesive team. Talking to Tyvon and his parents, it’s clear donor kindness has brought them so much joy. They are so grateful for the support of their son and other youth like him. Generous individuals have provided him with the opportunity to chase his dreams.

These days Tyvon is using his myoelectric hand for his high-school woodworking class. And his recreational device enables him to shoot hoops and rip pucks. His smile doing both is infectious. Spending time with Tyvon has been a blessing, a true reminder of the power of the human spirit.