Meet Jude

Jude’s parents, Mary and Samuel, had high hopes for their unborn son’s future. Their joy and anticipation were shattered during Mary’s pregnancy when they learned Jude had a rare congenital condition. It was an incredibly challenging situation no parents could be prepared for. The condition affected his right leg, resulting in a deformity and the absence of bones in the lower half.

Despite the difficulties, Mary and Samuel remained hopeful, seeking out specialists to find the best solution for their cherished son. When Jude was just two years old, he underwent radical surgery, a lower-limb amputation, to enhance his future mobility. Can you imagine how heart-wrenching this decision was for his parents? They knew the path in front of them would not be easy, however they were determined to provide Jude with the best possible care and opportunities.

While still a toddler, Jude began his remarkable journey at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. A journey which has been made easier and much brighter thanks to your generous support.

Your thoughtful investment has contributed to the Centre being a place of excellence and to the team here being able to provide leading-edge care for Jude. In the past six years, Prosthetics and Orthotics has designed and adjusted multiple prostheses for him. They have worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of these devices is perfect. They have transformed Jude’s mobility, and he now walks so well, you wouldn’t know he has a prosthetic leg. It’s truly amazing to see. His parents are so grateful and appreciate your continued investment is key to Jude’s quality of life. “With a prosthetic he can do everything he pretty much wants. He seems to be limitless.”

Jude is a real charmer, his smile and dazzling eyes lighting up any room he enters. He excels in school and loves basketball and soccer. An aspiring model, he exudes youthful confidence. He dreams of being a doctor, a police officer, a soccer player and so much more. Your support will help him continue to flourish and achieve these dreams.

Your commitment to inclusivity and Jude’s full participation with his family, school and community has changed his life in more ways than you can imagine. The donor-funded bike clinic at the Rehabilitation Centre has enabled custom adaptations to his bike, allowing him to be adventurous and engaged. “To know we have the Centre, which caters to Jude and is such a strong support, is a huge blessing.”