Meet Braelynn

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Braelynn is the Foundation’s 2023 ambassador, a role she has absolutely rocked since earlier this year. She lives with a very rare genetic condition, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Her courage and that of her parents as they navigate a very uncertain and unchartered path is truly inspiring.

SMA causes muscle weakness and atrophy and affects Braelynn’s ability to walk, sit and control her body movements. It is often referred to as the child version of ALS. Braelynn was diagnosed not too long after her first birthday and since this time, has been receiving exemplary care from the Rehabilitation Center for Children team. She attends the Center on a regular basis, receiving support from multiple clinics and service providers including physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists. She is undergoing gene therapy to slow progression of her condition.

Thanks to generous donors, Braelynn has received smart home technology which enables her to be an active participant at her house. She has a voice activated door opener she can command. The independence this brings allows her to help her parents, Ryan and Maylia, with activities including bringing in the groceries. At our A Night of Miracles gala, Braelynn was gifted her very own adapted bike. She is now able to ride around her Niverville community and participate in this childhood rite of passage activity.

Braelynn’s quality of life is so much richer thanks to you. She will need much care in the coming years and your investment in the Centre is key to her happiness.