WaverleyWaverley was born a healthy baby girl, but at 18 months her parents started to notice their daughter losing the language skills she had learned.

Waverley was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects nearly every aspect of the child’s life: their ability to speak, walk, and eat.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation gave Waverley her voice back by purchasing an iPad equipped with special apps. She was able to communicate with her parents, her brother and her friends. She gained even more independence when the foundation bought her a bike customized to her needs for extra support and balance.

“We always felt that when our son was out riding his bike, Waverley was kind of left behind. Now, she can ride alongside him,” says Waverley’s mom, Colleen. “In a way I feel like the bike is helping us fight Rhetts Syndrome. It’s keeping her strong and in good health.”

Watch Waverley’s Story here:

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