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Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation’s 15th annual snowmobile adventure marks major milestone

Fifteen years ago a group of snowmobilers set out on the trails of Nopiming Provincial Park.

Since that initial ride, hundreds of riders have traveled thousands of kilometers across Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and the United States for the annual Ride for Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

“I remember the first year we went into the States, there were quite a bit of shenanigans from the riders,” recalls the event’s founder, Dave Watson, who started the event as a way to combine his passion for snowmobiling with a cause he believed in.

“They stole deer heads and moose heads off the wall and those ended up in various people’s rooms. Some of the evenings got to be quite fun. Lots of stories!”

While there are countless pranks to reflect on, it’s the stories of the children who benefited from the event that resonate most with Watson.

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