KeeraKeera’s smile lights up every room. However, behind that smile is a teenage life filled with many challenges and obstacles.

Keera was born with a very rare genetic condition called Williams Syndrome. If you ask Keera about her condition, she would call it a gift, and that she’s not ashamed of it – she embraces her uniqueness. Williams Syndrome does come with some very serious challenges, though, and Keera’s coordination and balance isn’t very strong. Until recently she was unable to ride a bike without worrying about falling off. She missed out of many happy opportunities for fun and childhood laughter.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation purchased a specialized tricycle for Keera last summer. Now for the first time in her life, Keera can safely ride a bike and enjoy her new sense of freedom!

“When I get blue, I think about my bike and everything the Foundation has done for me,” says Keera.

Watch Keera’s story here:

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