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The Children's Rehabilitation Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families through research. A Research Coordinator position at the RCC is funded by donations to the Foundation. The research is focused on enhancing care and evaluating all the barriers restricting inclusion of children with disabilities.

The Research Coordinator collaborates with RCC staff and local and national researchers in the field of childhood disability to develop research opportunities and conduct research. Studies looking at issues such as community participation, system barriers, early challenges with feeding and intervention approaches for children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and autism are currently underway or in process.

You Can Help!

For more information on current research projects which are funded by the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation please contact:

Barb Borton,
Research Coordinator
(204) 453-9844

Christine Schollenberg,
Executive Director
(204) 475-5073

Donate Online

Children living with special needs have goals and dreams as all children do, but often need some additional help to reach them. Please consider an online donation that will Help One More Child.

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© Copyright Children's Rehabilitation Foundation. All rights reserved.
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Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
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