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Children who come to the RCC face daily challenges with determination and courage. The following are a selection of those success stories that profile some remarkable children and youth. Their strength and positive outlook are a source of encouragement for others. These are children who demonstrate ability every day.

Silver's Story

Silver Story

We are the Semenowich’s, a family of three and huge supporters of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. Our involvement with the Centre began the winter of 2003, when our daughter, Silver was only 6 months old. At the time she had very low tone and our pediatrician referred us to the Rehabilitation Centre for Children for an assessment.

Up until that point we had never heard of the Centre but quickly came to understand how important and useful it was. At our first assessment we were taken in under the care of a physiotherapist who was eager to work with our daughter. Shortly thereafter we also started working with an occupational therapist and visited the rehab centre every week for therapy. We, as parents of a child with disability were amazed to see all of the resources made available to us through the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. They have everything from a resource library, a toy lending service, to feeding clinics and the ability to supply, lend or build any piece of equipment imaginable that a child may require to live and enjoy life.

With the help of the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation Silver’s life has been made easier and more enjoyable. The foundation was able to supply her with pieces of necessary equipment through the help of donations and fundraising. As a result of their hard work we have received a special stroller which we desperately needed to transport her to and from vehicles, etc, as well as a crocodile walker which has allowed her to walk on her own. Most recently she was given a Freedom Concepts bike so that she could ride around our town like any other child.

She LOVES her bike! She asks to ride it every day and never grows tired of it. When we first received her bike she was unable to peddle herself but now only a year later she can peddle and steer herself! A huge accomplishment that would not have been possible without this specialized bike that was funded just for her. Not only does it give her exercise that she would normally not be able to attain but it gives her confidence and the ability to take part in an activity some people might take for granted.

Silver has been an ambassador for the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation since she was 2 years old and we could not be more proud of her for representing such a remarkable, caring, helpful organization. Now at 7 years old Silver continues to use the services made available through the RCC and will continue to do so for many more years to come. We are extremely thankful for all of the wonderful people who help make the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation and the RCC, such a life line to those of us families with disabilities.

Shaun, Shauna and Silver Semenowich


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Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
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