Children's Needs

Children who come to the RCC face daily challenges with determination and courage. The following are a selection of those success stories that profile some remarkable children and youth. Their strength and positive outlook are a source of encouragement for others. These are children who demonstrate ability every day.

Nicholas's Story

Nicholas Story

At ten years of age Nicholas received his very first bike and was able to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding with family and friends. Nicholas has Caudal Regression Syndrome which affects his ability to stand and walk for any length of time.

When the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation received the request for the $3500.00 specialized bike that would give Nick the ability to ride, they shared his story with the public to help raise the funds. Nicholas's community rose to the challenge in a big way!  A group of middle school students raised over $800 on their own, and Nick's own school started a Nickels for Nick campaign that garnered a lot of media attention as well as the remaining funds needed.

And as for Nick, he feels like a star! He continues to be recognized by neighbors and community members who wave and say "Hi Nick" when he is out cycling with his family and friends. Nick is able to enjoy an activity that he has always dreamed of and his community is taking great pride in knowing they made a difference in his young life.


Children's Stories

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Children living with special needs have goals and dreams as all children do, but often need some additional help to reach them. Please consider an online donation that will Help One More Child.

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Children's Needs
The chair is glorious, the colour is outrageous, the movement efficient and much easier...
Children's Needs
Children's Needs
And as for Nick, he feels like a star!
Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
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