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Children who come to the RCC face daily challenges with determination and courage. The following are a selection of those success stories that profile some remarkable children and youth. Their strength and positive outlook are a source of encouragement for others. These are children who demonstrate ability every day.

Gemma's Story

Gemma Story

To Whom it may concern:

We want to thank you enormously for providing the funds for Gemma’s spiffy new Quickie manual wheelchair. I cannot say enough about the relief and the gratefulness we experienced when we learned that the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation was going to assume this cost for us.

The chair is glorious, the colour is outrageous, the movement efficient and much easier for Gemma to manage and the chair’s lighter weight makes it much easier for me to lift in and out of the car, as I must do so frequently.

This year Gemma completed high school. It’s been a long and arduous task, not skinting any homework nor any subject to give her a grade-12 matriculation, not modified by her abilities but assisted by the marvelous folks at her High School. I have taken on a lot of extra work with Gemma’s increasing maturity and desire to continue school and attend University. We have already undertaken considerable extra expenses and we anticipate many more in the future. We try to pay our own way as much as possible because we feel privileged to live in a province like this in which so much is provided for us as a family with numerous special needs.

Nonetheless, the manual wheelchair given to Gemma by the province, in light of the fact that she must also have a power chair to facilitate her independence, was ludicrous. It was old-fashioned, uncomfortable and heavy, extremely detrimental to Gemma’s sense of pride and self-confidence in herself. When the RCC Therapist told us that the Foundation had paid the full sum for Gemma’s new chair, we were speechless and delighted. Thank you. Your donors’ generosity means Gemma has greater ability to proceed in the next phase of her life.

Sarah Yates-Howorth


Children's Stories

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Children living with special needs have goals and dreams as all children do, but often need some additional help to reach them. Please consider an online donation that will Help One More Child.

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Children's Needs
It is so neat to see concepts he has learned in the class room applied at home
Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
Children's Needs
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Children's Needs
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